Remember the fun you had as a child building houses, tents, and forts in your bedroom or parents’ living room with blankets and cardboard boxes?

Well, that’s the concept behind Slotwood. Children love to build playhouses. They like to be creative. It’s fun.

Slotwood is fun. Slotwood’s versatile parts can be used to build houses, planes, trains, boats and just about anything else your child can imagine, from a frontier fort to a medieval castle. Its only limits are your child’s imagination.

Each Slotwood building set consists of 300 interlocking slotted wood parts varying in length from six inches to four feet, and in widths of two to four inches. The parts fit together easily and securely.

Children love Slotwood’s large scale. Unlike small building sets which can only be played with, Slotwood playhouses are large enough to play IN.

Slotwood is safe. No tools are needed. There are no sharp edges or metal parts.

Slotwood is simple to assemble. Just fit the slotted pieces together. Slotwood can be set-up anytime and anyplace. When playtime is over, it can be easily taken apart and stored. The complete Slotwood set can be easily stored in an area 4 feet x 20 inches x 12 inches.
Slotwood is educational. Slotwood building sets are designed to enhance your child’s creative, learning, and coordination skills. Slotwood promotes independent thinking when used alone, and teamwork when it’s used in group play. It also helps build self-esteem by providing your child with an important sense of accomplishment.
Slotwood is fun for the whole family. Slotwood can be enjoyed by boys and girls of all ages. It can be used in a variety of playtime situations and is ideally suited for playgroups of one to four children at a time.

Recommended age: Children ages 5 and up. Can be used by younger children with adult supervision.

Slotwood is durable. Every Clark’s Slotwood building set is handcrafted from recycled, lightweight, high-quality 1/2 inch Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). MDF will not splinter, warp, or degrade even with extensive use. Slotwood is weather-resistant and can be used indoors or outdoors. Continuous exposure to the elements is not recommended.

Slotwood was custom crafted by Leon O. Clark in 1953. After watching the fun his two grandsons were having putting together a playhouse, Clark was inspired to fabricate a creative building set that could be reused over and over for many years.

Today, each Slotwood building set is handcrafted in Mooresburg, Tennessee by Leon Clark’s grandson, Dick Clark. Only the highest quality products are used. Each wood piece is hand cut and notched to ensure a secure fit.

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Slotwood™ Benefits

Slotwood is educational
increases your child’s creative thinking skills
helps develop your child’s imagination
Slotwood is
not a permanent structure but can be if wanted
Slotwood is
less expensive than other types of playhouses
Slotwood is
Slotwood can be used
indoors and outdoors
Slotwood is
simple to use and build with; just like Lincoln Logs™
Slotwood is used to
build life-size playhouses and other structures
safe for children ages five and up
Slotwood is
great for schools, preschools and childcare facilities
promotes independent thought as well as teamwork
when used in group settings
develops learning, planning and sequencing skills
Slotwood is
time tested - children have played with Slotwood for over fifty years
can be handed down from generation to generation

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